About Us

Our mission 

Arithmetic Intelligence empowers young learners and adults with sound numeracy skills, with a view to enabling them to develop an appreciation for maths.  

We believe that every child can develop sound numeracy skills and we are on a mission to enumerate young learners, one child at a time. 

Our belief

"Arithmetic operations are the foundation of maths and if a young child can develop their confidence in numeracy from a very young age, they will develop into confident learners and have an appreciation for maths." 


Our story 

Arithmetic Intelligence was born when Adam, our founder's son, was in Reception. Like every parent, Tas, wanted to ensure that her son was equipped with sound numeracy skills to become start his journey with maths.   

Adam decodes maths

She began tutoring her own son and introduced him to the Soroban Abacus Maths and focused solely on arithmetic operations. 

Numerous practise worksheets later, Adam's grasp of arithmetic operations were noticeably different and his confidence shot through the roof. 

The Singaporean maths problem solving methods complemented his learning and enabled him to look at problem solving from different angles. 

What has happened since?

Daily worksheets is the norm and in fact, it was our founder's experience with Adam that led to the development of the multiplication workbooks.  Her experience of writing up daily worksheets for her son led to the 30 Days concept. 

If a child practises one arithmetic operation continuously for 30 Days, they will learn a new skill.  

"Arithmetic or numeracy skill is a skill for life.  Help your child develop a skill for life today!"