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Hello! Welcome to my web page. My name is Adam and I am 10 years old. Maths is my passion and I always endeavour to find new ways of showing how fun it can be. 

 I spend my free time making YouTube videos, in which I explain maths to people in a much easier and enjoyable way. 

 On an ordinary day, if I am not recording for my YouTube channel or have no school work, I would be playing with my DJ decks or trying out different cake recipes.

adam decodes maths


Cooking Algebra In A Pot

cooking algebra in a pot

In ‘Cooking Algebra In A Pot’, I bring together my passion for mathematics and creative writing. Come join me on an adventure as I play with the fun side of maths with quirky rhymes. 

I believe this book will bring a smile to every reader’s face. It is simple, fun and can be enjoyed by anyone. 

The proceeds from the sales will go to aid the work of Urban Outreach, a Manchester-based charity, and help provide lunches over the summer for families and children in need. 

The Story Behind The Book

I started writing this book during lockdown in mid-November. I love maths and I took advantage of lockdown to start writing poems about mathematics. Initially, I didn’t plan or think about turning this into a real project with an actual cause. 

I came to know that a lot of children and families have been affected by the pandemic so I wanted to help in some way. When I encountered Urban Outreach, I decided to support them by contributing to their cause with the money I raise from the sales of my book.



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