30 Days to Multiplication Mastery | Book Two

30 Days to Multiplication Mastery | Book Two

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Book Two of our Multiplication mastery series brings more challenging worksheets.  Our 30 Day Multiplication Mastery Book Two consolidates your child's learning and help them to feel at ease with multiplying bigger numbers.



  • Consolidate your child's learning
  • Watch your child feel at ease with numbers
  • Help them unlock their numeracy potential

Study guide:

  • Daily worksheets:  Help your child to get into the habit of working out their multiplication everyday. 
  • Make it fun: Learning shouldn't take place at a desk, it can take place in a play area or anywhere around the house. 
  • Rewards: Of course those curios minds have to be rewarded.  We encourage parents to set out the child's reward before starting their worksheet.   

This book will shipped on the 15th of February 2021.