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Multiplication Workbook | 30 days to Multiplication Mastery

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Are you worried that your child’s multiplication skills will be hindered by the lockdown?  Worried about your child falling behind? Give your child the opportunity to practise their multiplication skills.  Buy our 30 Day Multiplication Challenge book today!

A simple solution to multiplication woes

This awesome multiplication workbook is the perfect learning buddy and is packed with times table worksheets to help learners develop their confidence in 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication.  Are you ready for the 30 days challenge to level up your multiplication skills?  Order your copy today and enhance your multiplication skills.  


30 Day challenge: Introduce multiplication worksheets daily as an engaging and learning process

A5 sized workbook: This user friendly sized workbook makes for a happy buddy that can be used for studying anywhere around the house.  

YouTube tutorials: Subscribe to our channel and enjoy the times table journey with our walkthrough videos.  

Study guide

Daily worksheets: Work through a practise multiplication worksheet each day.  

Reward: Maths worksheets can be daunting - make sure your child is in a fun environment.  Let your child know that they will get a reward after they complete their multiplication worksheet.  

Take breaks: Each worksheet consists of 12 multiplications.  Halfway through the worksheet, give your child a short break.  It's OK to take a break. 

Our commitment

Bu purchasing this book, you will also get access to our step-by-step video tutorials.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel and let your child unlock their multiplication potential.